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Best Nail Art & Extensions Salon In Delhi

Welcome to Lavish Nails. We are one of the fastest growing nail Salon/Spa and nail academy in Delhi(India). Nail art and extensions have become very popular among all the women across India and is no less the daily need. We offer the best quality and huge range of designs at the lowest possible price. A team of highly trained professional is available to take care of your nails. They have a very deep knowledge about nail care, different art designs and patterns for you. These is nothing trending when it comes to nail fashion, so we keep on designing and experimenting with new nail designs which look rich and fabulous. We guide you all the way from selecting the design by understanding your requirements to all about nail aftercare. As responsible nail salon we understand our responsibilities towards customer safety and hygiene standards, so we regularly clean all the equipments involved after every session done. Quality of the products is very important if we want to deliver high standards of nails. We use all the world leading nail art and extensions products from all around the world.

Other then this Lavish Nail Academy is also in to teaching nail art and extensions. We have students coming from all over India.We offer professional (with kit) and hobby courses with certification. All students are given a deep knowledge about nail buildup using gel and acrylic and different nail extensions shapes and art. Please visit our academy page for more information

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Nail Art

Now a days nail is in vogue. There is a huge verity of nail art like Glitter art, stone art, brush art, marbling and many more. You can get it in various styles and patterns. Delhi is one of the hubs for nail art fashion and growing ever since. So visit us at Lavish Nails or click on the nail below to know more.

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Nail Extension

Nail extensions have continually been an everyday accent for all the girls and ladies. New Delhi the capital of India has always been very high on nail style. Be it gel nail extensions or acrylic nail extensions we promise to deliver the best. Click the hyperlink under to know about all what's taking place when it comes to nail extensions in Delhi

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Nail Academy

Lavish Nail Academy is one of the leading nail art and extensions teaching school in India. We offer professional learning with the best and latest tools in the nail industry. All the students are given in depth knowledge about tools and nails. All our students always have a lifetime support and can always come back to upgrade their skills and clear all their doubts.

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Everything You Want to Know About Nail Art and Extensions

Nail art and extensions are all the rage in the fashion industry these days. Celebrities like Cardi B, Arianna Grande, Billie Eilish, and Selena Gomez are often seen sporting some really rocking nail art. From the super-long nail extensions sported by Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Ria Ora, and Dua Lipa, to the minimalistic and quirky nail art to match the mood and seasonal flavors, the trends are changing ever so quickly.

Making You Manicures Memorable

Today manicures have gone way beyond a simple grooming activity and become something more of a form of self-expression. Matt colors, super glossy finish, embellished with crystals and stones, or even hole punched. There is almost no limit to the amount of personalization and detailing that can go into a single sitting of nail art. Can’t grow your nails or have brittle ones that don’t support the type of nail art you want? Then nail extensions come to your rescue. These acrylic additions are applied to your natural nail beds or to the tips of your nails to provide the desired length and strength.

An Art for Every Mood

Nail art has come a long way from simple multi-colored nails. Seasonal nail art is one of the most popular requests that nail technicians get from their clients. Halloween, Easter, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day special nail art are hugely popular around the world. Even celebrities are seen sporting seasonal special nail art. The summery yellow nails look amazing, spooky ghost art on Halloween are very trendy, or the luscious matte red super long talons for Valentine’s Day get everyone rushing to the salons to get their nails done as well.

Nail Extensions – Necessity or Trend

Many people view nail extensions as a fashion trend for the rich and famous. However, in today’s fast-paced world, these have become something of a necessity. Women often cannot devote the time and effort required to grow their nails long naturally, but they still want to sport the latest styles. Apart from the time constraint, there are also many health reasons that can make you unable to grow your nails. Brittle nails, rough or darkened nails, nail-biting habit, there are many causes that can stand in the way of having the beautiful nails of your dreams. But with the help of nail extensions, you can now fulfill all your nail fantasies.

Best Nail Trends That You Can Recreate

Celebrities have given major nail art and extensions goals through their social media posts and photographs over the last year. While some were a bit bizarre, there were many that made everyone going to the salons bars. One of the most recreated nail trends was the quirky take on the Classic French Tips. Everyone from supermodels, singers, actors to common girls was seen sporting some form of this nail trend. Pearlescent nails with minimalistic art are also a trend that many people get it done.

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