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Nail art is very trending all over the world and New Delhi. Women of all ages from love this and are getting it done on a regular basis. It is a great mode to express your personality. We will be discussing about a countless range of nail art available today in India. There are several techniques and never ending new creative designs designed by our nail technicians. So go through the web page below or visit Lavish Nails studio to know more and experience the wide range of nail art and nail extensions.

History of Nail Art

The history of painting nail is very long. It all Started from South America where people use to decorate their nail by drawing eagles on their nails. Egyptians are always known for their love for decorations, be it their palaces or their dress. They use to decorate their nails by drawing various things with the help of vegetable dyes, egg white and many other things. Nail color also represented class rankings. Lower or middle class people use to wear nude or lighter colors and high society used dark colors and the most loved was Red. China was the country where Nail Polish or Nail Paint was originated in about 3000 BC. In 15th century it became popular and the word came Nail Art as we all know it today and by 1800-1900 century Manicure became popular.

nail bar near me Hand of a mummy found with henna painted on nails.
nail salon near me A nail salon of North America in 1938
cheap nail art Print media advertisement in 1930s in america
nail salon in delhi Painting of an Egyptian doing her nails
best nail salon in delhi Modern day nails

Type of Nail Art

New Delhi is very high on nail fashion. There is a huge verity of nail art which may be a combination of nail paint shades, stones, taping, 3d sculpture, and glitter done in a very artistic way. Nail art is totally a creative work of any nail technician. A nail technician or nail artist should have a good knowledge of different nail designs and patterns.Some of the examples are given below.

nail extensions in delhi Chrome Nails
nail extensions near me Mylars Nails
nail polish Femos Nails
nail technician Glitter Nails
female nail technician Stone Nail Art
permanent nail polish Jewellary
permanent nail paint Dot Art Nails
gel paints Brush Art Nails
glitter nails Sticker Nails
nail mantra Foil Art Nails
zoe nails Matte Nail Art
acrylic nail art Dried Flower Art
ombre nail art Tape Art Nails
chrome nail art Ombre
3d nail art Alcohol Nail Art
wedding nail art in delhi Marble Nail Art
wedding nail art near me Cat Eye Nails(3D, 5D, 8D)
party nails Stamping Nail Art

Nail Art Care

How to Take Care of Your Nail Extensions and Nail Art

Your nails say a lot about you. That is why it is very important to keep them groomed just the right way. So many of us forget to take care of our nails or make them presentable. However, this is changing now. People are getting more conscious about their holistic appearance, and they are investing more time and effort on their nails. Nail extensions and nail art are becoming increasingly popular as a result.

Nail Art -More Than Colorful Nails

Nail art has been around for many years now, and it has been evolving with time. Today it is more like an expression of your personality than simply painting your nails with designs. Nail art has become more and more intricate with seasonal designs. There is also the trend to embellish the nails with crystals and even precious stones as sported by rappers and pop stars like Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and Billie Eilish.

Nail Extensions -For Perfect Looking Hands

There are many reasons why you may not be able to grow your nails long naturally. Nail biting, brittle nails and other causes might lead to damage. But this does not mean that you need to compromise on presentability. This is where the magic of nail extensions come in. You can get a variety of nail extensions depending on your preference and budget. If you want more a durable option, you can go for fiberglass nail extensions. Other nail extension choices include gel and acrylic extensions. There are two ways in which the extensions can be applied to your nails. The first is the addition of an artificial extension to the tip of your natural nail to lengthen it. The second is the application of artificial nails without using the tip of your natural nails. Nail extensions are the perfect way to get long nails without the hassles of growing them yourself. These days nail extensions go hand in hand with nail art as many people are choosing to sport long nails with unique designs and embellishments.

Taking Care of your Faux Nails -The Aftercare Tips for your Tips

Getting your nails done is wonderful, but if you want to get your money's worth, then you must take care of your extensions and nail art. Your nail technician will give you an aftercare guideline based on your specific nail and extension type. However, here are a few basic steps you must follow to make your nails look bright and healthy.

Be Gentle

You must be careful of what activity you do with your hands after getting an extension or nail art.

Stay Away from Flames

Nail extensions and art can get damaged if you get too close to an open fire or extreme heat. Be careful if you have to be near flames.

Moisturize Well

The key to having healthy nails is to keep them hydrated. Use cuticle oils and moisturize your hands every time after you wash them.

Frequently Asked Questions for Nail Art

Q1- What is the difference between gel polish and gel nail extension?

Ans-Gel polish is a mix of gel and nail polish. Because it's blended mix like a polish, it can not be used to increase your nail. However, gel used for nail sculpting and extensions, adding strength and are long lasting on your natural nails.

Q2-What is the life of permanent nail paint on natural nails?

Ans-Gel polish manicures generally last approximately weeks for many people. The sturdiness of gel polish relies upon at the particular situation and the way you hold your arms and fingernails in daily activities.

Q3-Is gel polish good on my natural nails?

Ans-yes, there is no problem in doing that.

Q4-Are nail extensions safe for nail biters?

Ans-Nail extensions can be accomplished on bitten nails imparting the encompassing skin isn't always swollen and the pores and skin is undamaged. Sculptured acrylic nails might commonly work first-class as this technique creates an phantasm of proportionate nails.

Q5-Can you tell me something about chrome gel polish?

Ans-Chrome is a pigment powder that is implemented on the preferred gel coloration to attain a mirror end appearance. It cannot be achieved without gel polish

Q6-Can I apply gel nail polish over nail extensions?


Q7-Are there some charges for gel polish removal?

Ans-Yes, why would it be free?

Nail Art Price in Delhi

As all ready discussed, nail art is a combination of various decorative material like nail paint, stones, glitter and many other things. Price depends on your requirements, So quoting price for everything or anything is not possible. Please call us on 8586936367 or visit Lavish Nails Salon in Delhi for more information. We have tried to quote some of the basic nail art prices as below.

Service time for nail art in Delhi

Service time for any nail art depends what kind of art and what details you need. Simple nail paint will take about 10 to 15 minutes and a details 3D nail art will take a little longer time.

Please call 8586936367 and tell us your requirements and always book your appointment before you visit to avoid any waiting time.

Below prices are with nail extensions.

Nail Paint Rs 900/-

Glitter Nails Rs 900/-

Ombre Rs 1100/-

Chrome Nails Rs 1100/-

Party Nails Rs 1350/-

Wedding Nails Rs 1750/-

French Nails Rs 800/-

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Trending nail art designs that you must know

Nail art is one of the best things you can try to make your ands look glamorous. While you take best care of your nails, a perfect nail art ensures that your nails are always presentable. But, to maintain pace with the ever-changing nail art trends, you need to know the various techniques of painting them to perfection. If you are a nail technician, you must have clear understanding of the key nail art trends and try out latest nail art designs to pep up your nail art game. So, here are the best nail art techniques

Sponge Bobbing

There is no match to a perfectly sponge bobbed nail art. You need to be a little creative and you have endless options to glam up your nails. Choosing the right paint color and creating achromatic and gradient design is however the key to make the art technique successful. The nail artist would first apply a base coat on the nails and then use sponge bobbing to create great designs


This technique involves using tape and paint colors. You need to apply a base coat to the nails and then put randomly cut tapes on it. Now paint a fresh coat of nail paint over the tapes. As you take off the tapes, you find a beautiful design of two or more colors that looks alluring.

Nail art decals and stickers

If you aren't in a mood to play with the paint, there is a simple way to make your nails presentable. Yes, for those who need an instant makeover of their nails, nail art stickers and decals are perfect. You just need to put a base coat of nail paint and choose the matching decal or sticker to paste over it. From flowers to cartoons and impressive designs, the choices of nail decals and stickers are endless.

Splatter Nails

Remember using your old toothbrush to make fun splatter art on your drawing book. Well, the game has changed and now you can easily use the platter technique on your nails too. Just take an old toothbrush or a fan brush and enjoy a fun game. You can make various designs using this technique and make your nails look glamorous.

Bling Bling

Adding various gems and fancy additions to your nails is another trend that was launched earlier this year but has been a constant hit. You have a range of options to choose from and adding them to your nails is easy. There are special nail adhesives that you can use to make the arrangement permanent. So, these are some of the best nail art trends to try and level up your nail art game. If you need professional assistance, find the best nail art expert and ask them to make creative designs on your nails. While you can always be creative on your own, the work done by the professionals nail artists is not only more impressive but also long-lasting in nature.

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