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Lavish Nails- Best Nail Extensions Salon In Delhi

Nail Extensions has always fascinated all the girls and is becoming everyday need. New Delhi being the capitol of the country and one of the major metro cities of India is very high in Nail Art and Nail Extensions. Welcome to Lavish Nails, One of the Best Nail Studio/Salon In Delhi offers you the best of fashion for nails. We use products of some of the best brands around the world like- OPI, Gelish, IBD, Tertio, Bluesky, CND Shellac and many others. To save time and get more perfection we use electric nail filing machines which is also very helpful for nail removals. Hygiene is a very important part which is taken care of. All the tools used are cleaned properly after every use. When doing a new nail extensions or removing artificial nail, it should be done by professional and very carefully. Doing this there should be no damage to your natural nails. Filing your natural nails should be minimal and a good buildup is needed so that it can be strong enough to stay long and should be super smooth and neat.. It has been observed that some unprofessional file your natural nail way too much that they become weaker and start to pain after some time as they get damaged. We have tried to give all the possible information and answers to your frequently asked questions about nail extensions.So looking for the best nail extensions in Delhi or the best nail salon in Delhi, we are here to help you. Do give us a call to book your appointment and experience the best of nail art and extension.

What is Nail Extensions

As the questions itself says Nail Extensionsor Nail Enhancement is a process of extending nails using artificial nails to your natural nails. These artificial nail are called Nail Tipswhich is applied to the edge of your natural nails to extend it in length. These longer nails are on high these days around the world and metro citys like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata etc in India. These nail tips are pasted using nail glue over your natural nails which holds these tips very tightly and is also safe for your natural nails. These nails extensions are also called permanent nail extensions. Though some call it permanent but is it semi permanent, because when your natural nail grows in length it pushes nail tips forward making overall length even linger and created a gap between artificial nail and nail cuticles. Depending on your modern day lifestyle for some people heaving those longer nails is not comfortable, so at this time those nail need Nail Refilling and if required shortening can be done too. These are a verity of nail extensions like- Gel Nails, Acrylic Nails and French Nails. A buildup of gel or acrylic is done over nail tips to make it even stronger and to look even more beautiful.

History of Nail Extensions

The history of nail extension is very long. Way back lots of royal families and super rich people had nail extensions as these were a symbol of royalty and status. At those times there was no artificial nail or nail tips available so they had to grow their own natural nails and had to use nail guards to protect their nail from breakage. These guards were made from wood and other materials which were way too expensive as those guards come with gems and jewels. These days nail extensions are very common and are a fashion statement. The fascination of nail extensions is very high to some that they grow their natural nail for up to 6 to 20 inches.

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Type of Nail Extensions

Gel Nail Extensions

There are two types of gel Hard gel and soft gel. Hard gel is tough enough that once applied, it is capable enough to make strong nail extensions. Be it any gel, it is always applied over nail tips. Soft gel is generally referred to the gel nail paints/polishes or the products used for nail overlays. It is too soft to create any nail extensions.

Acrylic Nail Extensions

Acrylic nail extensions are very popular in Delhi. A thick layer of acrylic powder is applied over the nail tips to make it stronger. Acrylic nails are stronger then gel nails. Acrylic powder comes in verity of colors like clear acrylic, peach acrylic pink acrylic and many others. In Indian generally clear acrylic is used for the buildup over nail tips and the gel nail polish is applied once acrylic buildup is prepared.

Fiberglass Nail Extensions

Fiberglass nails are done using fiberglass material which comes in sheets and are cut down to nail tips which are very strong for nail extensions. Fiberglass nail are very light weight. Once these tips are applied to natural nail using nail glue, gel or acrylic buildup can be done over these tips.

French Nail Extensions

French nail are done using white nail tips also known as French Tips which are applied the same way as other nail tips are applied. A buildup of clear gel or acrylic is done over these tips. No nail paint is applied over these buildups. For art purpose some stone art or glitter are can be done over French nail extensions also known as French Manicure

Other then this nails can be done in different shapes as displayed below.

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Nail Extensions Care

It is very important to save your nail from hitting hard to objects. If your nails are hit hard they may break or even damage to your natural nails. Heat Is not good for nail extensions. Keep them moisturized for longer life and healthy nails.

Frequently Asked Questions for Nail Extensions

You always have lots of questions before getting any nail extensions. Below we have answered 14 most common questions which people as us.

Q1- How long does nail extension last?

Ans-Life of nail extensions relies upon on your nail growth and nail care. You must avoid any hitting on nails. Nails with top care can also last as long as three to four weeks..

Q2-What is the difference between acrylic and gel nail extensions

Ans-Both acrylic and gel nail extensions are fantastic options if you are looking for stronger, longer nails. Acrylic extensions are made by way of blending a liquid monomer and a powder polymer to create a hard coating over the nail. While gel extensions are made via applying layers of gel under a UV lamp. Both deliver precisely the same appearance and feel. The best first rate distinction within the two is the elimination procedure. As gel nails re filed off and acrylic nails are soaked off.

Q3-What is a nail refill?

Ans-Over a period, extensions will develop out together together with your nails. Every 2-3 weeks, you have to go back to the salon to have your nails crammed in. Your studio professional will lightly report down the acrylic/ gel component closest in your nail mattress, then fill within the empty vicinity between your nail bed and the triumphing acrylic/ gel nail.

Q4-Are nail extensions safe for nail biters?

Ans-Nail extensions can be accomplished on bitten nails imparting the encompassing skin isn't always swollen and the pores and skin is undamaged. Sculptured acrylic nails might commonly work first-class as this technique creates an phantasm of proportionate nails.

Q5-What is the no questions for 7 days guarantee?

Ans-We as a responsible nail studio understand our responsibility and use pro grade material. We are confident enough to give you the best nails. Even then if you feel that there is any problem with your nails, we will fix them for free.

Q6-What is an Overlay?

Ans-Nail extension involve in applying an synthetic tip to the end of the nail to feature duration, nail overlays contain the software of the acrylic or gel without delay to the natural nails.

Q7-Can nail extensions be done on very short nails?

Ans-Provided you have got were given have been given a nail mattress which has the minimal amount of difficult ground required for extensions. However, the lasting of extensions on the short nails can be very short. At a most it might final for about 10 days.

Q8-How much time does it take to get nail extensions done?

Ans-It definitely depends on what nail art you are going beforehand with. Generally a good nails mau take up to 1 hours.

Q9-Do nail extensions damage your natural nails?

Ans-The acrylic/ gel itself is not what is harmful, harm is resulting from mistaken use, application, care, or unprofessional removal. Your herbal nail grows underneath acrylics, so they want regular maintenance to keep them wholesome.

Q10-Do nail extensions hurt?

Ans-If done properly and carefully, they will never hurt.

Q11-Is there an additional charge for different shapes and sizes?


Q12-Does the removal of extensions hurt?

Ans-No, the method does now not harm usually. Removal is done by way of soaking your acrylic/ gel in a soak-off answer which melts down the product without problems in 15-20 minutes or by filing your nail extensions. .

Q13-What care needs to be taken after removal of nail extensions?

Ans-Dry fingers very well and continually keep your palms and cuticles moisturized. If making use of nail polish right after, use a base coat first to keep away from staining herbal nails and always use an acetone-loose polish remover

Q14-What kind of brands do you use for the service?

Ans-We use a top rate, pro-grade range of merchandise to name some; OPI, Shellac, Gelish, Blusky, Ezflow, Nubar and so on.

Nail Extensions Price in Delhi

Price of any product or services plays a very important role. We at Lavish Nails, Delhi have tried to keep the price as low as possible and keeping all the quality and hygiene at the best. We are confident enough that you will not get any best nail at this price in all Delhi.

The pricing mention below are only for nail extensions. Any nail paint or art are at additional cost.

Service time for gel or acrylic nail extensions in Delhi

It generally takes about 90 minutes to do gel or acrylic nail extensions for both hands if there are no previous nail removal if 1 technician is working, and about 1 hour if 2 technicians are working on both hands for a single customer.

French nails extensions take about 1 hour to do both hands for a single nail technician in Delhi.

It is highly recommended to consult and book your appointment on 8586936367 before you visit to avoid any waiting. . People generally search for nail extension near me and visit any random nail salon where you might have to wait for some time for your turn.

Gel Nail Extensions Price In Delhi Rs 500/-

Acrylic Nail Extensions Price In Delhi Rs 500/-

Fiberglass Nail Extensions Price In Delhi Rs 1000/-

French Nail Extensions Price In Delhi Rs 800/-

Nail Extensions Refilling price in Delhi(Fiberglass) Rs 500/-

Nail Extensions Refilling price in Delhi(Gel Or Acrylic) Rs 500/-

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Five Amazing Facts about Nail extensions

Get noticed with mind-blowing nail art!

In your day to day life you use your hands multiple times and every time you wave at someone, call someone, use the keyboard or shake hands, your colleagues, friends or relatives you are bound to get noticed. Undoubtedly, nail extension is in great demand, not just it makes you look special in any social gathering but also tells a lot about your personality. With lightweight plastic plate extending your nails is now a fashion trend. Craft your nail extensions with nail art to make them look attractive. So, if you are looking for nail art, even before you look for the best options around; you need to know some of the most amazing facts about nail extensions. These facts will clear all your doubts and help you take a decision on nail art and extensions. Let us see some of the interesting facts and most searched queries.

1. Must be a costly affair!

Never assume before consulting an expert or doing a proper research. Nail extension will not cost you a lot. With high demand; it is now easily available at an affordable cost in most of the beauty salons in Delhi NCR region.

2. Are They Artificial Extension or Replacement

Doubts? Well, this is one of the common perception that Nail extensions are replacement of original nails, but that isn't the case; these are artificial nails (also termed as French Extensions). These are made of fiber or plastics which make your nails look stronger, longer and beautiful.

3. Are they durable?

Yes, off course they are durable and strong. These nails are not just stylish but long-lasting as well. Even the shine is intact for a long time, so just chill and get them.

4. Availability of Shapes and Sizes is a concern.

As a matter of fact Nail extensions are readily available with any required shape and size. You will certainly get a variety of options to choose from. Nail extension can be both for the entire nail called form or just at the nail tips, termed as tip. Just look for the best nail extensions salons in Delhi NCR are book your appointment.

5. Doubts over categories of Nail extensions.

This is crucial to know that nail extensions are broadly categorized into three zones: Fiberglass, Gel and Acrylic extensions. Each one has its own beauty.

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